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Hey, I'm asmodean66 on grognardia. Saw your link - I think another big reason video games are killing TTRPGs is that they're far more accessable. For example, when my gaming group gets together for D&D night, it requires people to drive up to an hour each way to get there. If I wanted to play World of Warcraft, I could call my friends on the phone and be playing in minutes. For people our age, with families and work responsibilities, it's tough to schedule a large block or recreation time and justify spending much of that time in the car.

that's kind of what I meant by a large investment - absolutely.

Regarding accessibility in another sense, that's also a big issue I think: computer game developers devote a lot of time and effort to making their games easy to pick up. To some extent they depend on a language developed by previous games, which they assume their players will speak, but they also test and revise and test and revise to fine tune the new player's route into the game, because they know that if they get that right, their development time will be paid for in greater sales. TTRPGs have become more readable, but I don't think they are anything like as playable straight-out-of-the-box, even today.

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