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I want a campaign where we track down and punish whoever the hell summoned Foucault.

Come on, what's not to love there? Admittedly, the rest of that paper's sheer folly, but he loved him some boats, brothels and colonies. And among all the post-structuralists and post-moderns I reckon he's far from the worst. Better than Deleuze or Guattari or Derrida. Why hate on MF?

Is it the Panopticon? The History of Sexuality stuff? I'd think you might quite like him on the clinic and the power given to medical professionals.

Dude, I have "hating foucault" as one of my LJ interests. If I find that I agree with him on something, it's reason to reconsider the area of agreement. His support of the Iranian revolution, his humorless whimsy, his universalization of his own fetishes...I spit on Foucault.

Fair enough, I guess I just hate other writers more. Right now, Heidegger. Humorless whimsy is excellent, BTW, but nobody pisses me off more when they try to be funny than Derrida.

The one guy out of that lot that I respect is Barthes. Not so much for the content of his work, as the fact that he clearly knew he was doing comedy and seemed to be enjoying himself.

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