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if you check in on the platform and then change your mind (wrong platform/wrong way; see tram disappear around corner, don't want to wait etc) you might be haemorrhaging money and not know it,

I had an Oyster card thieve from me in a similar fashion, but from what I could tell that particular magic was only possible in very few circumstances, and at any rate it just charged me for a trip to the end of the line.

that's the genius of the Dutch system - I have no idea where the end of the line might be, once you get into the ramified and overlapping networks - I've a sense it could be a 20 euro mistake. The guy selling me the card mentioned that if it happens I have to come and make a claim at the ticket desk, which suggests it's a big enough problem.

...of course I also don't like the surveillance aspect, which the Oyster shares.

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