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You read Zak's analysis of the Hobbit as OSR Actual Play, right?

somehow I missed it. He is right on every point. Radagast didn't bother me too much because he was dubbed in French, but I've hated Silvester McCoy since he worked in UK kids' TV, before his turn as The Doctor.

Still, I do love me a rabbit fueled sleigh. I wouldn't have come up with that. And the consequences of saying "help us make our getaway" to the acid-head druidhippy (ie that he will lead the wargs around and around your current position, distracting them but not in fact helping you get away).

Don't think of anything that would be a hindrance for your business. Do whatever you can do to be in track. Show them that to do business you should be wise. Never settle for a trade that will be your lost.

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