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Hah! My favorite Gamma World mutation is now freely available on the web! A chameleon-like, prehensile tongue is gained. It may reach out to 6 meters to snatch objects by adhesion, with a strength comparable to the character's arm strength. The adhesion may be broken at will by the mutant character. The tongue may wield a dagger, hand axe, or club for an extra attack each round.

I kind of assume that 6 meters was supposed to be 6 feet, and someone failed their convert-to-metric roll. But it says 6 meters, and that is awesome. The whole article might be relevant to your interests, it starts on page 74 of issue 96, and includes 34 new "new body part" mutations.

...sometimes, I want to hunt down every table of mutations ever produced, and fashion them into a massive random table.

20 foot tongue! Now I'll need to download that.

If you did compile a too-big-to-parse, need-to-just-roll table of mutations (with say 1000 entries) I know a bunch of people who would be delighted, especially Ian Johnson of Monstrous Television.

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