richardthinks (richardthinks) wrote,

the defining feature of flailsnails* characters

is their propensity to turn into characters out of Tom Waits songs.

Actual Play report: (system: Call of Cthulhu: the PCs go off the res after last week's near-TPK encounter with Byakhee)

(...this brought on by me realising that 2nd level Eusyram the Hapless is more fun to play in more games than 5th level Skeree the Competent. Eusyram lost his money, his armour, his horse and his self respect at the jousts, then he took a low-paying slum clearance job in hell and got nearly killed twice - such close calls in fact that his skeleton woke up: any time he rolls a 1 or a 20 on a to-hit roll, a second attack is rolled by his skeleton using the same to-hit and damage, with a 50% chance of hitting Eusyram, 50% chance of hitting the nearest target within arms reach. If he reaches 0 hit points, the skeleton will attempt to abscond with his skin and build itself a new ablife with his carcass per Ian Johnson, Bleaklands DM)

* flailsnails, for those that don't know, is a convention among players of early-edition DnD and other games that characters from whatever game are welcome in their worlds. It's been going strong on g+ for a year now and a couple of interesting behaviours have emerged, including semi-formal conventions on whether to accept all magic items or not, rules of politeness about which systems play nice together... My own Tartary game is flailsnails, though not dnd. It currently has one non-native PC, 4 native PCs and I think there's half a dozen Tartars running around out there in fsdnd land getting into trouble. Also one submarine/spaceship and a couple of troublesome magic belts.
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