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Space 1889 resurrected auf Deutsch
possibly of interest to st_rev and others: Space 1889 being remade with new rules. In German.
...are these Space 1889 novels? Mmmmnot for me, thanks, but maybe of interest to others.

And while I'm here: all the Dragon Magazines on Internet Archive. Not sure if that's OK or not, but there they are.
Handy index of articles by author, system and... really long list of topics.
Empire of the Petal Throne in print. Plus pdf of the original manuscript (?!?!)

Bloke who talks a lot about old weapons and lack of realism in pseudo-medieval fantasy games, movies and the like. I felt like watching a bunch of them and then felt a bit nauseous.

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Hah! My favorite Gamma World mutation is now freely available on the web! A chameleon-like, prehensile tongue is gained. It may reach out to 6 meters to snatch objects by adhesion, with a strength comparable to the character's arm strength. The adhesion may be broken at will by the mutant character. The tongue may wield a dagger, hand axe, or club for an extra attack each round.

I kind of assume that 6 meters was supposed to be 6 feet, and someone failed their convert-to-metric roll. But it says 6 meters, and that is awesome. The whole article might be relevant to your interests, it starts on page 74 of issue 96, and includes 34 new "new body part" mutations.

...sometimes, I want to hunt down every table of mutations ever produced, and fashion them into a massive random table.

20 foot tongue! Now I'll need to download that.

If you did compile a too-big-to-parse, need-to-just-roll table of mutations (with say 1000 entries) I know a bunch of people who would be delighted, especially Ian Johnson of Monstrous Television.

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