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Why it's like 6 years was only yesterday
On the scrying-glass of your stripy Flash Gordon rocketship you see...

richardgrenvil at PASHpost.com
richardgrenville#1863 on discord.com
and as ever:

Apparently I'm back. Nothing really substitutes for google+ and the community that existed there is scattered now across the flapping edges of the social media adscrape. So most of these accounts are probably bad ideas and I'll be shaking them out over the next couple of months. But for now, I am distributed and distracted across half a dozen networks, looking for a home. How've you been?

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On Twitter AKA the hellsite. Most of the interesting discussion is in private Slacks these days.

I was just thinking of you the other day. It was the old convo about which nationalities avoid each other in public vs which ignore each other. (Apparently Chileans are like you English folks in this regard.)

I'm back to posting regularly on Dreamwidth and crossposting here for the benefit of a tiny handful who still read posts here. Facebook is where I share articles and videos and Instagram is where I post photos. If you want to hear me bang on about linguistics any more, you need to find me IRL.

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